The primary focus of the Kids Business Expo is to help enhance the education that our children are getting from school, and at the same time creating awareness of entrepreneurship in order to help parents fund the ever-increasing costs of college.  Join us!

Kid & Student Vendor program is open to all ages (Grades 1-12 And up to Seniors in College).  The point of the program is to get kids to attempt to reach their potential as early as possible.  That being said, WE ARE NOT ADVOCATING KID ONLY BUSINESSES.  At this stage of their lives, the expo advocates, KID RUN/ PARENT MANAGED BUSINESSES.  Kids and students under the age of 18 need to have parent/guardian managed booth participation.  For students over 18 years of age, parent/guardian participation is optional.


1. Can Home School Students participate?   –  YES

2. Can students change their planned product/service before event?  – YES, but all exhibitors are hand selected in order to ensure that their is a healthy variety of products and services while minimizing redundancy.  For student exhibitors, we will permit a maximum of 2 spots for similar types of products/services.

3. Exactly how old does my child need to be in order to participate?  Great question!  First of all its never too early to advocate entrepreneurship to kids because if we like it or not, they’re always listening and always learning regardless of what we think. As long as they are enrolled in school we would love to see them at the KBX.  That being said, to get the most of the vendor program, your child should, at the very least, be able to fill out the student vendor form below.  If they are bright enough to complete this short form, they already have everything they need to start creating their own success today.  See ya there:)
If you are interested in being a student vendor at The Kids Business Expo 2018 please download and return the STUDENT VENDOR REGISTRATION FORM which can be found here.   Vendor Welcome Packets will be sent out to approved vendors in early Spring 2018.